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Proverbs 27:17   "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."
Sharpeners, sharpeners everywhere – Which one to choose?

Sharpeners can be found as easily as the knife that needs sharpening. And you’ve decided enough is enough -  you’re going to the find knife sharpener of all knife sharpeners.  No more dull knives in the kitchen, hunting cabin, or tackle box. But there are so many styles and varieties.  Where does one begin?  And furthermore, which one is going to be the best for what you need?
Sharpeners overall size will need to be considered.  If it is a larger electric sharpener or sharpening wheel kits you are thinking about, you may find, after the newness wears off, that you will not pull it out from under the counter any longer.  Maybe you don’t even have enough cabinet space for these larger ones.  This narrows your shopping choices down a bit.

Mail order knife sharpening businesses are the answer to many pleas.  While you are out doing what you do best, mail your knives to the master knife sharpeners to do what they do best.  Then, your learning curve will be dramatically reduced.  Because, the only thing you will need to be skillful in now is maintaining that razor sharp edge.  Do yourself and your knives a favor. Find a mail order knife sharpener with a razor edge guarantee.  Let them do the tough work and teach you the small job of keeping the edge.  This is knife owners’ bliss! 


Ceramic rod sharpeners have pieces that need to be kept tract of, are easily broken and require time to clean them.   The small handy-dandy sharpeners are great when you are out and about or in a pinch needing a sharp enough edge right then to get you through.  But, be prepared to carry them with you all the time.  The sharp edge comes and goes like the sun on a cloudy day.  Butcher steels, strops and stones add to the variety of choices available.  Regardless of your choice, remember, there is usually a learning to curve to master 

the art of sharpening a blade.  Maintaining proper pressure and angle are important factors to understand when putting an edge on your knife.  It is possible to remove too much metal thereby ruining your favorite knife eventually.
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